I received OCEAN notification of returned courses-what should I do?

If you receive OCEAN notification that  courses “have been returned” you do not need to start over again.

First, check the discussion tab for the comment of the group returning the course.

Then, indicate in the discussion section how you addressed the issue. After this,  resubmit the course and it will go back through the review process.

I’m trying to edit a folder in OCEAN –where is the SAVE button?

If you are trying to edit a folder you will see there are only a submit and cancel buttons.  Just resubmit a submitted document. This will save the changes.

Why is an item on my OCEAN work list or why did I get notification that it is?

Check on their worklist in the Assoc Role column to see why it is there.

How can I find the option in OCEAN for number of times for retake?

Beginning this year all undergraduate courses will be retakable twice by a faculty senate resolution. This is to accommodate the capabilities of the new student information system, PeopleSoft. The Registrar’s Office can help you with prerequsites that would discourage the retaking of the course more than once.

I’m looking at a print out of my course list and see that I entered some of the names in caps and some lower case. Is there a preferred method or can I just leave it?

Preference is that the course name be in upper/lower case because that is the way they will be stored in PeopleSoft. However, the information in OCEAN will be audited and the appropriate updates will be made for PeopleSoft if you have already entered them otherwise.

Will there be a template for transition, or is this up to individual units?

Overall, individual departments or schools in combination with their Colleges will be responsible for the transition in their areas. Regional campuses need to coordinate transistion arrangements with the Athens campus departments, schools and colleges to ensure consistency in what students on the same degree paths are getting.

Specifically, the format for the Transition Degree Completion Plans may have some “in common” elements that will allow the TDCPs to be optimized, help those who will be working with TDCPs from different departments (change of majors, undecided students, appeals group, …), and allow the potential interface of the TDCPs with other databases (Peoplesoft, OCEAN, DARS, …). The process for creating this “common” TDCP form are currently being discussed by the Q2S Advising Task Force.

I heard that the process is behind schedule….will implementation be delayed?


Will colleges be flexible in allowing course substitutions for major requirements?


Will transition courses be offered?

Transition courses are temporary courses that academic units may offer so  students can complete a degree requirement by enrolling in only  part of a semester course. Yes, this type of course will be offered as needed.

For example, a year long sequence of three quarters that becomes a two semester sequence will have a transition course to enable students that missed the first half of the second quarter to complete the first semester without taking the entire semester course. Likewise, there will be a transition course consisting of the last two-thirds of the second semester for a student that has taken the first two quarters of the sequence.

Where two quarter courses have been combined such that material has been dropped, special arrangement will need to be made for a student to enable them to complete the requirements of their quarter-based degree program.