What is the tuition and fees payment schedule in semesters?

The Bursar’s Office has not yet created a payment schedule for semesters, but the schedule should be available before the end of spring quarter.

I am graduating Spring Quarter 2012. Do I still have to fill out a TDCP?

Yes.  All students must minimally have a TDCP or TAP cover page completed by May 1, 2012.  Students graduating before the transition need only to complete the TAP cover page.

How many semester hours do I need for a bachelor’s degree?

The University minimum for all bachelor’s degree students graduating Fall 2012-13 and after is the equivalent to 120 semester hours.  This includes transition students.  As is the case under quarter hours, some students may have program requirements that would require them to have more than the 120 hour minimum.

What are the semester hour requirements to be a freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior?

Your student standing – or year in college – determined by total semester hours earned are:

Freshman: 0-29.9 semester hours
Sophomore: 30-59.9 semester hours
Junior: 60-89.9 semester hours
Senior: 90 or more semester hours

How many semester hours do I need to get a second degree?

You must meet the requirements for both degrees, and you must complete a total of 135 semester hours of college work, with a minimum of 45 semester hours of residence at Ohio University.

With a change in schedule, how is the issue of students traveling during short breaks being addressed.

The decision to remain on campus or travel during short breaks will be at the discretion of the student. Campus housing will be available during the Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks.  Thanksgiving break will be Wednesday through Friday during the week of Thanksgiving, winter break will begin in mid-December and continue until mid-January, spring break will occur near the beginning of March.

Will there be something in simple terms that tells what exactly is being changed and what students should do?

Yes, a “student friendly” version of information will be made available as it is finalized. Some answers and information are dependent on processes being completed, like curriculum conversion and approval. Adivisng plans and schedules are also currently being developed. As this information is finalized it will be made available to students through a variety of channels, including the Web site, e-mail, in dorms, at the Allen Student Help Center, through colleges and departments, in Compass and The Post, etc.

And student can always ask questions via this Web site Q&A or at the Allen Student Help Center.

Is there somewhere we can go to look up Q2S information?

Get to other parts of the Q2S transition Web site by clicking on on the tabs above. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, submit a specific question. As more information becomes available–for example schedules for advising–that will be posted on the Q2S site, too. If there is information you would like to see posted on this site, e-mail your ideas to q2s@ohio.edu

What can be done to make the longer term less stressful for students?

There certainly is a different rhythm in semesters and there will be some adjustments for everyone. One of the naturally occurring stress relievers comes in the form of Thanksgiving break and spring break–both opportunities to take a breather part way through the semester.

How will the curriculum be adjusted to fill 14 weeks?

Courses have been adjusted in a number of ways. Some will contain the same content, but meet less often for a longer period of time. Some courses have been combined to include content from 1.5 to 2 previous courses into one semester course. Others may add more content. Whatever the adjustment, policies dictate the number of contact hours required to award a certain amount of credit, so students will receive the equivalent amount of educational contact.

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